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Since 2020, GenshinMall are built for enable a world-wise Genshin Impact Official Merch promotion.
Our collecting team are locating in China, Japan and South Korea, which let GenshinMall delivery official Genshin Impact Merch, also the special edition of collectables. (See our previous buy-on-behalf Events: Samsung Edition)

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1. Visit to browsing all Genshin Impact products.
2. Product information is available on product page.
3. Click "Add to Cart" button to put your favor product into Shopping Cart.
4. The discount promotion will be carried out automatically in you Shopping Cart, without additional operation.
5. Do not forget your Coupon code when check out.
6. We accept PayPal payment and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.
7. Your product will be ordered from the official sale channel in 24 hours.

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About Shipping

1. GenshinMall provide both Free Shipping plan and freight delivery in very low price. Fast and Cheap!
2. We enable shipping to most countries in the world. Entering your address to see the shipping plan available to you. Generally, there always be at least 1 shipping plan for most of the countries.
3. Total Shipping time = ordering on behalf from MiHoYo sales channel to our warehouse + international shipping + local delivery.
4. Our primary task is to minimize the shipping time by all means. The shipping time may be affected by the COVID situations, especially in China, we made the estimated shipping for our customers to see how likely you will wait.
5. Please check our Shipping Policy for further details.

Return & Refund

1. Under normal and general circumstances, as long as the items you receive are the same as the order stated, returns will not happen. 
2. However if unfortunately the product you received is flawed, with any quality defects or wrong items being shipped, please check our Return & Refund Policy for further details, and contact us for assistance.

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